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How close is the College?

The Langside Campus of Glasgow Clyde College is on-site. Cardonald & Anniesland Campusus are easily accessible using the nearby train and bus service. Other universities are also easily accessible by public transport – Glasgow Central is only 10 minutes by train (4 per hour) from Mount Florida Station which is on Campus.

What happens to my deposit?

The deposit that you pay will be held by the Lettings Protection Scheme Safe Deposits Scotland (https://www.safedepositsscotland.com), you will be sent an email or text message advising you of your Deposit ID, which you should keep safe to enable you to get your deposit back.

How far is the city centre?

10 minutes by train or 15 minutes using the regular bus service or 17 min cycle if the weather permits!

Where is the nearest supermarket?

There is a well-stocked Sainsbury’s Local at Battlefield (2 mins walk) as well as an ASDA superstore at Toryglen/Hampden, approx 15 minutes walk.

Is there a medical centre nearby?

The Royal Victoria Hospital, with walk-in services, is situated across from the accommodation.

Mount Florida Medical Centre is just a couple of hundred yards along Prospecthill Road. In order to register with the practice you must bring your passport and either your NHS medical card or an official document bearing your name and address. https://mountfloridamedicalcentre.co.uk

Who should I contact in an out of hours emergency?

In the first instance, contact the emergency services, if appropriate. You should then contact Peter (07985 875 634) or Ali (07711 054 848).

Is there a Laundry on site?

Yes, the laundry is located on the ground floor, near the office. It is run by Circuit Laundry who own and operate the washer and dryer. Credit can be bought on the ‘Circuit Laundry’ app. To use the machine, simply scan your smartphone. A wash and dry costs £3.30.

Can I hang posters in my room?

We understand that you want to give your room your own stamp. You may hang posters, photos etc using pins. Blu-tac destroys the paint and the cost of any damage will come out of your deposit.

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

We understand that many of you are living away from home for perhaps the first time and will have family come to visit. Guests are permitted with prior written/email permission.

What if something stops working in my room or needs repaired?

Please drop the management a line and we’ll try to sort any repairs as quickly as possible.

What if I break or damage anything in my room?

It’s best to let us know as soon as possible if you break or damage anything in your room? If the damage is caused by you, then it is likely that part of your deposit will be retained to repair the damage.

Can I smoke in my room?

No, Langside Living operate a no smoking policy. This will trigger the fire alarm which is hooked directly into the local fire brigade. You can smoke outside the building. We charge £100 for an activation in your room; this will be donated to a local Fire charity at the end of the academic year.

How often is the fire alarm tested?

The fire alarm is tested each Thursday at 1pm by an external company. You do not need to leave the building during this weekly bell test.

Rooms - £104 per week all inclusive.

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